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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 180 Name: 11th hour Calling Teams: 11thhourcalling teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 180 Name: Teams: 11th hour calling teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 61 Name: 21 Acres Teams: 21 Acres Center for Sustainable Living teammates: 11 Total Points: 2580  
Rank: 21 Name: ABQ BioPark Teams: ABQ BioPark ABQ Biopark Roadrunner Friends teammates: 53 Total Points: 12463  
Rank: 45 Name: A Drop in the Ocean Teams: A Drop in the Ocean's EcoWarriors teammates: 32 Total Points: 4638  
Rank: 162 Name: American Association of Zoo Keepers Greater Sacramento Chapter Teams: Greater Sac AAZK teammates: 1 Total Points: 50  
Rank: 160 Name: American Association of Zoo Keepers Lincoln Park Chapter Teams: Lincoln Park AAZK teammates: 1 Total Points: 60  
Rank: 13 Name: American College of Healthcare Sciences Teams: American College of Healthcare Sciences teammates: 116 Total Points: 19736  
Rank: 167 Name: AmeriCorps St. Louis Teams: AmeriCorps St. Louis teammates: 1 Total Points: 30  
Rank: 107 Name: Aquarium of the Bay Teams: Aquarium of the Bay teammates: 8 Total Points: 609  
Rank: 126 Name: Asheville GreenWorks Teams: Plastic Reduction Task Force teammates: 6 Total Points: 383  
Rank: 59 Name: Assiniboine Park Conservancy Teams: Assiniboine Park Conservancy teammates: 19 Total Points: 2768  
Rank: 18 Name: Audubon Nature Institute Teams: Plastic Free NOLA teammates: 106 Total Points: 15643  
Rank: 75 Name: Bank of america Teams: Bank of America teammates: 19 Total Points: 1607  
Rank: 106 Name: Bard College Teams: Bard Community teammates: 8 Total Points: 613  
Rank: 166 Name: Barefoot Reverence with Sara Goff Teams: Barefoot Reverence teammates: 1 Total Points: 34  
Rank: 180 Name: Blue Ocean Society Interns Teams: Mikaela Terhune teammates: 1 Total Points: 5  
Rank: 131 Name: Blue Planet Scuba Teams: Blue Planet DC teammates: 9 Total Points: 281  
Rank: 37 Name: Brevard Zoo Teams: Brevard Zoo teammates: 26 Total Points: 5905  
Rank: 138 Name: BSA-Mid America Council Teams: Sarah teammates: 1 Total Points: 224  
Rank: 140 Name: Cabrillo College Teams: Cabrillo College Green Steps teammates: 2 Total Points: 203  
Rank: 174 Name: California State University San Marcos Teams: CSUSM Sustainability teammates: 2 Total Points: 16  
Rank: 98 Name: Capital One Teams: GreenTeamDE COAF Green Solutions teammates: 5 Total Points: 807  
Rank: 158 Name: Care Crew, Inc. Teams: Care Crew Care Crew, Inc. teammates: 5 Total Points: 63  
Rank: 96 Name: Carondelet High School Teams: Carondelet High School teammates: 3 Total Points: 829  
Rank: 134 Name: Charlotte Library Teams: Charlotte Library Team teammates: 2 Total Points: 242  
Rank: 112 Name: Child & Family Resources Teams: Team awesome Child & Family Resources teammates: 3 Total Points: 554  
Rank: 88 Name: Christ Church Emerging Teams: Christ Church Emerging teammates: 4 Total Points: 997  
Rank: 150 Name: Church of Christ Congregational Newington Teams: NewingtonUCC Plastic Free Ecochallenge teammates: 4 Total Points: 108  
Rank: 34 Name: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Teams: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden teammates: 52 Total Points: 6238