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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 62 Name: Straughan Environmental, Inc. Teams: Straughan Environmental Green Team teammates: 16 Total Points: 2513  
Rank: 63 Name: Museum of Life and Science Teams: Museum Green-Dream Team teammates: 6 Total Points: 2511  
Rank: 64 Name: PGAV Teams: PGAV Destinations/Planners teammates: 14 Total Points: 2465  
Rank: 65 Name: Fairhaven Sustainability Committee Teams: Team SouthCoast teammates: 9 Total Points: 2212  
Rank: 66 Name: PAE Engineers Teams: PAE Engineers teammates: 13 Total Points: 2153  
Rank: 67 Name: John Abbott College Teams: JAC Sustainability teammates: 19 Total Points: 2111  
Rank: 68 Name: Detroit Zoological Society Teams: Andrea Richards Detroit Zoological Society's Green Team teammates: 13 Total Points: 2082  
Rank: 69 Name: Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District Teams: Hamilton County Plastic Free Challenge! teammates: 23 Total Points: 1892  
Rank: 70 Name: Humane Animal Rescue Teams: Humane Animal Rescue Crew teammates: 23 Total Points: 1872  
Rank: 71 Name: Wenatchee Valley College Teams: WVC Drawdowns teammates: 14 Total Points: 1799  
Rank: 72 Name: Pachamama Alliance Teams: Delaware River Valley Chapter teammates: 9 Total Points: 1778  
Rank: 73 Name: Sustainability Action Group for the Environment (SAGE) at NJDEP Teams: SAGE EcoLogicals teammates: 6 Total Points: 1772  
Rank: 74 Name: Environmental Services Department Teams: The Woodlands Township teammates: 20 Total Points: 1623  
Rank: 75 Name: Bank of america Teams: Bank of America teammates: 19 Total Points: 1607  
Rank: 76 Name: TIG Environmental Teams: TIG Environmental - Portland teammates: 7 Total Points: 1476  
Rank: 77 Name: World Centric Teams: World Centric teammates: 10 Total Points: 1474  
Rank: 78 Name: ZooTampa at Lowry Park Teams: Guest Engagement Team teammates: 11 Total Points: 1310  
Rank: 79 Name: Seattle Aquarium Teams: Seattle Aquarium Youth Ocean Advocates teammates: 15 Total Points: 1286  
Rank: 80 Name: Iowa State University Teams: Live Green! Iowa State University teammates: 7 Total Points: 1255  
Rank: 81 Name: SWCA Teams: SWCA Nevada teammates: 10 Total Points: 1221  
Rank: 82 Name: University of Nebraska at Omaha Teams: SustainUNO teammates: 11 Total Points: 1214  
Rank: 83 Name: Milwaukee County Zoo Teams: Milwaukee County Zoo teammates: 7 Total Points: 1143  
Rank: 84 Name: Yost Grube Hall Architecture Teams: Yost Grube Hall Architecture teammates: 9 Total Points: 1080  
Rank: 85 Name: Washington University in St. Louis Teams: Plasticless Caribbean teammates: 8 Total Points: 1071  
Rank: 86 Name: Good Intent Teams: Good Intent teammates: 12 Total Points: 1033  
Rank: 87 Name: Exelon Baltimore EcoTeam Teams: Grab Bag Anti Plasters EcoTeam Board Totes for Days teammates: 16 Total Points: 1008  
Rank: 88 Name: Christ Church Emerging Teams: Christ Church Emerging teammates: 4 Total Points: 997  
Rank: 89 Name: CLEAResult Teams: CLEAResult Midwest teammates: 3 Total Points: 996  
Rank: 90 Name: ENGIE Insight Teams: Engie Insight - Unofficial teammates: 5 Total Points: 971  
Rank: 91 Name: Sustainable Resilient Longmont Teams: Sustainable Resilient Longmont teammates: 9 Total Points: 970