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Mary King

21 Acres Center for Sustainable Living

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Mary's Actions


Say No to Plastic Bags

If at all possible, I will not accept any disposable bags when making purchases, including produce bags.



Buy Unpackaged Produce

I will purchase produce items without plastic packaging, making sure to wash them well before using them.


Personal Care

Just Say No

I will avoid buying toxic plastics, including polycarbonate, polystyrene and polyvinyl.



Watch a Documentary

I will watch a documentary film about waste with family and friends and talk about what we learned.

One-Time Action


Cook a Zero-Plastic Waste Meal

I will prepare 1 meal(s) at home each day without using any items packaged in single-use plastic.



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    Mary King 7/23/2020 9:28 PM

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    Mary King 7/13/2020 12:34 PM
    I follow a Facebook group called Zero Waste, Zero Judgement, and recently someone started a post for online food shopping that ships zero waste in the US. More suggestions have probably been added, so I’ll check back. During the pandemic I thought you might be interested in some of these companies whose products, some bulk, are in recyclable or compostable packaging and ship them zero waste. I’m going to try the teas, as I go through a lot of tea and want to switch to bulk.





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    • Kelly Rankich's avatar
      Kelly Rankich 7/28/2020 3:01 PM
      Got your reply Mary, great.  Exactly what I was wanting to know and understand.

    • Mary King's avatar
      Mary King 7/25/2020 12:13 PM
      I can’t seem to reply to your replies to my post, so I don’t know if you’ll see this. Let me know if you don’t see this, Kelly! I haven’t used the Wally Shop. I’m interested in the concept. It was started by a woman who worked for Amazon and was dismayed by the packaging. It’s based in Brooklyn and until the pandemic it was only delivering in that area, but now delivers everywhere in the continental US. Here’s an article:

    • Kelly Rankich's avatar
      Kelly Rankich 7/25/2020 11:36 AM
      The Wally shop looks really cool but it's hard to tell where they are located and where products are shipping from.  I see they mention sourcing from some farmer's markets that are in another region.  I don't think it asked for my zip code at the start.   There is an environmental cost associated with shipping, especially heavy glass containers and the packaging needed to protect them so I'm curious to learn more but unable to based on their web-site.  Mary, have you tried them?

    • Kelly Rankich's avatar
      Kelly Rankich 7/23/2020 3:12 PM
      Thanks Mary.  Zero Waste Seattle is the best resource!

    • Anne Tyler's avatar
      Anne Tyler 7/16/2020 9:08 AM
      Thanks Mary. I will look at some of these options. I have started drinking Paul Newman’s tea because  they have less plastic than some of the others - the individual bags are contained in paper packs, not the plastic foil bags of some of the pricier brands. And I like Newman’s corporate philosophy of charitable contribution.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Cook a Zero-Plastic Waste Meal
    Do an inventory of your kitchen to see how many single-use plastics you've used in the past. What are some resuable alternatives to these commonly used products? What would your impact be if you switched all the single-use products from your inventory to reusable?

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    Mary King 7/02/2020 12:59 PM
    My breakfast seemed plastic-free until I realized I needed to use up milk from a plastic-lined paper carton, and added that to my bulk purchased muesli and raspberries. I ate leftovers for lunch, a vegetable-pasta-feta cheese casserole— the feta comes in plastic. I have chicken from the freezer for dinner. This will be a day I can’t claim a single plastic-free meal. I can get milk and yogurt in glass, but I’m stumped about getting meat or cheese without at least plastic-coated paper wrapping. My household is not ready to go vegan, which of course is a great way to eliminate plastic and lower carbon footprint. I do have vegan days a couple times a week. 

    • Liesl McWhorter's avatar
      Liesl McWhorter 7/07/2020 12:12 PM
      The meat and cheese is a hard one in my house as well. I can get minimally packaged fresh meat from PCC but to buy from the hyper-local farmers means frozen and plastic-sealed for most of the year. 

    • Kelly Rankich's avatar
      Kelly Rankich 7/03/2020 5:44 PM
      Well, I do know Cougar Gold cheese comes in a tin!  There may well still be plastic associated with the can, not sure.  But it is a step in the right direction and the yummiest cheese in the world!

      I would be willing to eat more tofu, I know the Zero Waste FB group had a place for bulk tofu.

  • Mary King's avatar
    Mary King 7/01/2020 8:08 PM
    Hello teammates! Like Liesl, I haven’t bought plastic film wrap or plastic bags in a few years, but I do repeatedly wash and reuse all the plastic I have, and am worried about the impact of just using it at all on the water and my health. It’s hard to let go of the training that plastic is the only insurer of freshness. I am also a cheapskate and like to wring every bit of use out of everything. Cheers!

    • Kelly Rankich's avatar
      Kelly Rankich 7/03/2020 5:46 PM
      My mom gave me these reusable squishy plastic things that cover bowls/containers. They are brilliant!  I think I"ll give them to all as gifts this year.  Beeswax wrap is okay but just not quite the answer.