July 1 - July 31, 2019

Carrie Tai

Neighbours for the Planet

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Use Reusable Bags

I will not accept any disposable bags when making purchases, including produce bags.



Use a Reusable Mug / Collapsible Cup

I will avoid sending 1 disposable cup(s) to the landfill per day by using a reusable mug or bringing my own collapsible cup.



Use Reusable Containers

I will only use reusable containers instead of single-use plastic storage items (such as plastic wrap, single-use sandwich bags).



Buy Unpackaged Produce

I will purchase produce items without plastic packaging.



Complete a Waste Audit

I will conduct a waste audit - including recyclables and compost - to understand how much waste I create and where I can reduce the most.

One-Time Challenge


Pet Waste

I will spend 30 minutes learning how to compost pet waste at home or research pet waste composting services available in my area.

One-Time Challenge


Minimize Packaging

I will purchase food items with the least amount of packaging.



  • Carrie Tai 7/09/2019 7:05 PM
    I was rushed today and forgot my re-usable coffee mug.  I have to find a good place to put re-usable mugs in our mudroom so I see them on the way out!

  • Carrie Tai 7/06/2019 6:26 PM
    Went to Tim Horton's to sit inside an air conditioned place today so we could cool off as our air conditioner is broken and it was a very hot, and humid day inside and out.  We brought our re-usable mugs, but it turns out Tim Horton will only use them for coffee!!!  Not for frozen drinks!   Now I think, why didn't I even ask why???   I was just so dehydrated I didn't even think of it!  At least we could use the metal straws we brought!!!  Next time we will go somewhere else!  I know Starbucks allows re-usable mugs for frozen drinks, but they didn't have any available seating so we ended up at Tim Horton's.

    • Sandy B 7/06/2019 8:18 PM

      Another great place to cool off is your local library, or indoor skating rink!  The worst is over now, should be a bit cooler tomorrow!

  • Carrie Tai 7/04/2019 5:39 AM
    I see we have a couple of new people who have joined our team!   Awesome!   Welcome!     Caitlin so glad you have joined us!   Maybe everyone can introduce themselves?  I am Carrie and co-founder of Neighbours for the Planet.   We are a couple of neighbours that are concerned about the planet and climate crisis.   We created a website in hopes of generating more awareness of the issue as well as trying to connect like minded people  who care and want to take action to save our beautiful planet and future.   If you are interested, please visit our website neighboursfortheplanet.ca and you can also sign up for weekly emails that include climate news from past week as well as upcoming events and petitions to sign!     Thank you everyone for all that you do!   We can all make a difference in our personal actions, and together we can make an even greater impact!

  • Carrie Tai 7/02/2019 6:40 PM
    Costco has a LOT of plastic packaging.   I was going to avoid Costco this month so that I didn't buy any produce with plastic packaging but I had to go there today for a passport photo and since I was there, it just made sense to pick up some salad I needed.   Unfortunately that meant plastic packaging.   I did think about going to another store to get the salad but then thought that driving my car to another store was not really a better option as the gas would also release carbon emissions.    At least I did not use a plastic bag for my asparagus!   And when the cashier asked me if I wanted a plastic bag for the asparagus I was able to explain why I didn't want one.  I think the more conversations we have about this the better.   So, not the best day, but not the worst one either.  :-)

  • Carrie Tai 7/01/2019 5:21 PM
    Happy Canada Day everyone!
  • Reflection Question
    Lifestyle Complete a Waste Audit
    What did you learn about the waste you create? Where can you reduce the most?

    Carrie Tai 7/01/2019 5:16 PM
    I am surprised by how many plastics are black.  These cannot be recycled because they cannot be detected by the scanners and so could end up contaminating other materials.   I am not sure why manufacturers use black plastic?  I am trying to minimize all single use plastics but this is not always possible, but hopefully I can avoid black plastics all together.   Let's see how this month goes.

  • Carrie Tai 6/30/2019 2:37 PM
    I am going to audit my waste and recyclables as one of my daily actions.   I used to think that a full recyclable bin meant that I was doing great because I had less garbage.  Then I read an article that said that you really want to have very little recyclable because most of the plastics that we think get recycled actually don't.    Single-use plastics have got to go and we need to do our part in trying to reduce our use of these, and trying to minimize how many products we buy that are packaged in plastics.   It's not easy but the planet is worth it!

  • Carrie Tai 6/28/2019 2:13 PM
    Hi everyone!   Welcome to the team!  
    July 1st is almost here and the challenge begins!   I learned so much in our last eco-challenge and can't wait to learn all about plastics in this one!
    Don't forget to post as often as you can and let the team know how you are doing and what you are learning!
    I have chosen one daily challenge so far and this weekend will check to see which other ones I want to take on!
    Have fun everyone!   And Happy Canada Day to all of you!