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    Audrey Zimmerman 7/31/2021 12:04 PM
    I have been anti-plastic for over 30 years refusing to use it in the garden (no plastic row covers or cold frame/greenhouse covers), building paper instead of Tyvek when building our house, trying not to buy anything made of plastic if I could find an alternative--including polyester in clothing and linens, furniture, plastic food storage containers, water bottles, etc. However, recently learning that less than 10% of "recyclable" plastic has ever been recycled, spurred me to work harder on this issue. These are some things I did this month to reduce my plastic usage: 1) a friend brought me a bar of dishwashing soap for sink washing dishes that is highly effective (no plastic container or wrapping, also made by a local artisan and sold at farmer's market); 2) I ordered laundry detergent and other cleaning products that come in a dried tissue form from Tru Earth company (again eliminating plastic bottles); 3) I use reusable bags for grocery shopping, but I was finally spurred to purchase some cotton mesh bags for produce that can be used at both the farmers market and the grocery store instead of the plastic bags they provide; 4) I usually use a plate or pot lid to cover a bowl of leftovers in the fridge, but I ordered reusable silicone bowl lids which do contain some plastic  :(  but are, I hope, better than using plastic wrap on the rare occasions when I do; 5) I have some cloth shopping bags for bottles--they have dividers to protect the bottles from clashing and hold 6 or so bottles--I have finally been prompted to carry them in the car and use them if I go to the wine shop or liquor store. It helps that the State of Maine passed a law that went into effect in July banning all single use plastic bags in all stores. It has been interesting to see how well people have adapted to this--one can buy paper bags at 5 cents apiece or bring a reusable bag, Sometimes we need a little push to do the best thing.

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    Audrey Zimmerman 7/01/2021 6:16 PM
    Today I ordered laundry detergent and cleaning tissue, and dryer wool balls from Tru Earth, a Canadian company producing cleaning products that do not come packaged in plastic bottles. My personal goal is to eliminate any current purchases involving plastic, especially things that are used up and then tossed out.