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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Danielle McCowan's avatar
    Danielle McCowan 7/31/2023 7:30 PM
    Also, if you're looking for a plastic free meal, make gazpacho. I made some today and while mine didn't end up being plastic free because the bread I bought was in 2 plastic bags, you can definitely make it without bread, make your own bread, or try buying it from a bakery.

  • Danielle McCowan's avatar
    Danielle McCowan 7/31/2023 7:23 PM
    Wow! To me, it feels like the month went by so fast! I can't believe the challenge is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep challenging ourselves to keep using less plastic, keep picking up trash, or keep having conversations. This month had some wins and losses for me. It definitely wasn't a plastic-free month, like the 2 paper cups and a couple of plastic utensils that I used while I visited an amusement park. But I did pick up a lot more trash than I ever do, I posted more about the challenge on Facebook and Instagram, I ate a lot more fruits instead of yogurt from little plastic #5 cups, and I learned from the waste that I'm creating. I'm looking forward to next year, but in the meantime I'll keep challenging myself, keep learning, and keep being mindful of my actions.
    Bedroom Eco Detergent
    Was this an easy or difficult swap for you to make? Did you have any concerns before making the swap?

    Deborah Morris's avatar
    Deborah Morris 7/31/2023 6:38 PM
    I tried the new detergent for the first time today! Thanks for introducing me to this option! My machine didn't like using powder (it is a front-loading water saving machine with drawer for detergent), so next time I'll water it down a little before using. Clothes were perfectly clean and I feel much better not using plastic and pollutants.
    Bathroom Green Beauty
    How can you advocate for the importance of reducing packaging to the rest of your friends, family and larger community?

    Deborah Morris's avatar
    Deborah Morris 7/31/2023 6:36 PM
    I didn't know there was an option for making/buying makeup in packaging and of itself that is not damaging to animals and the environment, and am really happy to become acquainted with these links. I will purchase and tell everyone I know about these options.
    Study Plastic History Buff
    How has learning about the history of single-use plastic shifted your mindset on plastics and their function within society?

    Jane Cirigliano's avatar
    Jane Cirigliano 7/31/2023 5:58 PM
    One thing that really stuck out to me was that single use plastic utensils really took off because they saved restaurants on labor and the energy required to clean silverware. With a little more effort, we can make choices that are better for the environment.
    Bedroom Practice Sustainable Fashion
    How can you express your personality, creativity, and values in ways that don't require fast fashion or buying more clothes and accessories?

    Christopher Kopp's avatar
    Christopher Kopp 7/31/2023 5:56 PM
    Reuse certain clothes/accessories in different ways to create new and creative looks.
    Study Follow the Chasing Arrows
    Recycling right requires both systemic change and personal and community awareness. How can you expand what you've learned about the chasing arrows symbol to encourage broader changes in your community?

    Jane Cirigliano's avatar
    Jane Cirigliano 7/31/2023 5:54 PM
    I really like the model of reducing, reusing, and then recycling. I have been encouraging family and friends to find additional uses for items (plastic and otherwise) before disposing of them.

  • Kris Hay's avatar
    Kris Hay 7/31/2023 4:31 PM
    I’ve been thinking about how sustainable practices can be more difficult depending on your life situation… If you’re a single parent, struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over your head, the climate crisis may feel like a distant intangible issue that you don’t have time to worry about. Or if (like my parents) you’re on a fixed income and have physical disabilities that make food preparation and cleanup difficult, you may need to rely on inexpensive “convenience” foods, Unfortunately, “cheap” food (and even food from food banks) is often wrapped in single-use or hard-to-recycle plastic. Whereas, if you have the privilege of being able to shop based on criteria other than cost, you may also possess the bandwidth to make more sustainable choices. And hopefully you do. But maybe not. Because it isn’t always convenient or easy. And humans need an easy button. Point being, sustainable products should be the norm and should be affordable. Should. Not sure how we achieve that systemic & cultural change. But seeing the commitment of folks who are participating in this challenge, I feel hopeful. ~Its been a great month of learning, reflection, and action. Cheers to all y’all! (Here’s a farm-fresh bouquet for you. )
    Study Buy Only What I Need
    As you have reduced your spending, what have you noticed about your 'health and safety' purchasing habits? How might this change your longer term purchasing decisions?

    Juli Dennis's avatar
    Juli Dennis 7/31/2023 3:03 PM
    this wasn't to hard for me. now if I could actually just use what I buy with good intentions of using but than end up not I'd be golden
    Study Say No to Styrofoam
    How might styrofoam be an environmental justice and/or environmental racism issue in your community?

    Juli Dennis's avatar
    Juli Dennis 7/31/2023 3:02 PM
    i found more places have turned to other material for take out containers.