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July 1 - July 31, 2021

Deloitte Atlanta Office


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  • July 30 at 9:06 AM
    I would probably start showing them lots of videos of the ocean and the pollution and information on microplastics and all of those things. I don't know how else to really get the point across. 
  • July 30 at 9:00 AM
    I think about my dog just like I would think about a child. Their environmental impact is an extension of my own and since they have little to no control over the purchases I make for them I am then accountable for making the right choices for the environment. If I can go plastic free as a human I should find ways to go plastic free for my pet...
  • July 29 at 8:38 AM
    Mine and my wife's dog is our "child" for the most part. He always brightens our my day through his pure joy about the little things like getting to go outside or to get a treat. He is very important to me and my wife and our lives are better with him in it! 
  • July 29 at 8:31 AM
    Parley for the Oceans and other organizations like them that work to clean up the ocean and even create new products from reclaimed garbage/pollution. 
  • July 29 at 8:27 AM
    The natural fibers are not leading to the creation of microplastics. They will biodegrade more quickly than plastic and will release less toxins throughout the process as well. They are also often more comfortable. However, the production and manufacturing process of many of these fibers are still not great for the environment so we should not...
  • July 29 at 8:25 AM
    I am actually pretty proud of the local effort to help reduce, reuse, and recycle. But I am pretty disappointed globally as we continue to have one man-made disaster after another. So all the good I am trying to do is wiped out ten fold every time some major corporation messes up. It can be discouraging but it makes me feel good to do what I...

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