July 1 - July 31, 2020
July 1 - July 31, 2020

Deloitte Green Dot


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  • July 7 at 5:40 PM
    I found out that each year I contribute 162 pounds of plastic in the landfill. Although, I use reusable bags, water bottles, and recycle, this is a huge number. A majority of my plastic waste is in Food Groceries and Home and Living. My plan to reduce this is to try my best to purchase items in the store that aren't wrapped in plastic.
  • July 7 at 5:25 PM
    I just moved to a new neighborhood in April (South Loop) and we're by a few restaurants. My boyfriend and I have noticed how much garbage is on the street and sidewalk. I take safety precautions while I pick up any garbage (mask and rubber gloves).  I want to do my part to make my new neighborhood look nice!
  • July 7 at 9:27 AM
    ecochallenge day 7 and im already happy with the amount of saving ive been doing!
  • July 7 at 9:26 AM
    its always important to stay informed and know what impacts your actions physically make
  • July 6 at 12:57 PM
    This was really eye opening! Though I consume less plastic than many Americans, I’ve (guiltily) watched the plastic pile up from groceries and too many IKEA trips while renovating a home and will be making some more changes. 
  • July 6 at 6:48 AM
    I just moved to a new part of town and over the holiday weekend, I was able to check out the Farmer's Market. I'll be sure to purchase some of my grocery items from the Farmer's Market this week to help me avoid plastic packaging.

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