July 1 - July 31, 2019

Environmental Compliance Group – Region 1 Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care Brusha Brusha Brusha
    What are the benefits of switching to bamboo toothbrushes? How would you implore others in your community to make this switch as well?

    Katie Holcomb 7/18/2019 5:29 AM
    Bamboo toothbrushes are beneficial because they are produced sustainably, and can be disposed of sustainably. The toothbrush I got can be composted, so when it gets old, I plan to put it in my compost bin at my house. The bamboo and bristles break down, and eventually will become food for my plants!

    My first step to get others to make this switch would be to purchase several of these for my family members. If people have easy access to something sustainable, they're more likely to use it. If they don't, they're more likely to just grab any toothbrush at the store when they need it, because it's easier.

  • Kim Cole 7/15/2019 5:10 AM
    Let's go Region 1!  We can be recycling superstars!

  • Reflection Question
    Lifestyle Travel Eating
    Was this action easy or difficult to do? How did it change your travel experience?

    Katie Holcomb 7/15/2019 5:08 AM
    It wasn't difficult, but it required planning. I went to the west side of Michigan to hike with a friend. We packed a number of snacks for lunch and packed plenty of water so we wouldn't have to get lunch/drinks anywhere. I had a number of random things in my fridge that would've gone bad had we not eaten them this weekend (e.g. carrots, cherries, cheese) so as an added bonus, I avoided wasting that food too.

    It actually enhanced our travel experience because we didn't have to take time to pick up food. Instead, we just ate snacks on the trail.
  • Reflection Question
    Family Thoughtful Toys
    Does your child play differently with natural or repurposed toys than with other toys? If so, how?

    Katie Holcomb 7/08/2019 4:50 AM
    I don't have a child, but I am going to a baby shower in a week so I purchased natural glass bottles (rather than plastic) for my friend. I'm not sure how the baby will respond to these bottles yet so we'll see!
  • Reflection Question
    Community Keep My Community Clean
    How does the act of picking up litter connect you more to your community?

    Katie Holcomb 7/08/2019 4:49 AM
    Picking up litter ensures that others in the community have a clean place to live/play. I picked up firework debris that I found in the park, which could present a hazard to children and wildlife in the park.

  • Ann McCormick 7/04/2019 4:33 PM
    Good challenge day today!  Had family over for dinner and didn’t use any plastic utensils.

  • Ann McCormick 7/03/2019 2:09 PM
    My kids are watching what I am doing and are getting interested too!

  • Ann McCormick 7/03/2019 2:06 PM
    Grocery shopping for produce without using the plastic bags was easier than I thought!
  • Reflection Question
    Lifestyle Travel Smart
    How can/did you prepare to be successful in this action? Did you engage in conversation with anyone about your new habit?

    Katie Holcomb 7/03/2019 5:22 AM
    I traveled over the weekend and I was successful in this action just by planning ahead - I brought my own water bottle and brought snacks in a reusable container.
  • Reflection Question
    Pets All Natural Pet Toys
    In what ways is supplying your pet with all natural pet toys better for your pet, better for you, and better for the environment?

    Katie Holcomb 7/03/2019 4:51 AM
    It's better for my pet to get the natural pet bones because he's getting his bone from a natural source rather than eating something that could have any number of chemicals in it - I got him a natural bone and I don't have to worry about what he's digesting.

    It's better for me because he tends to tear up every bone he gets, so I don't have to worry about vet visits from him eating something he shouldn't.

    There are a lot of environmental benefits - to name a few: 1) a lot of the natural dog bones do not come in packaging, so you reduce that waste stream; 2) the natural dog bones are making use of a part of an animal that may otherwise be discarded.