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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Jill King's avatar
    Jill King 8/01/2023 7:19 AM
    Hey - sorry I didn't get to enter my participation for the last week... traveling and didn't have a chance before the end of the month... if there is a way to get back in to update my activities from last week (I learned a lot from the research links provided and I know that adds bigger points than just trash and straws), please send along.
    Otherwise - thanks for the reminder to participate nd make this effort a priority... Look forward to next year!

  • Kaitlyn Ulrich's avatar
    Kaitlyn Ulrich 8/01/2023 5:40 AM
    Great job team! We finished in first once again!
    Study Numbers Everywhere
    Were you surprised by what the different plastic identification numbers mean? How can this information help you become a better recycler?

    Mary Bronson's avatar
    Mary Bronson 7/31/2023 8:47 PM
    I did know a few things about the numbers on plastic items, but still learned a lot. The best way to help our environment is to limit the amount of plastic we use every day.

  • Ellen Bronson's avatar
    Ellen Bronson 7/31/2023 8:01 PM
    I can’t believe we did it for the 6th year running, Team Maryland Zoo! awesome job helping to save the planet, one plastic item at a time!!
    Study Estimate Your Ecological Footprint
    What did you learn about your ecological footprint by using the calculator? What did or didn't surprise you? What are some ways you will take action to reduce your footprint?

    Kathleen Monroe's avatar
    Kathleen Monroe 7/31/2023 7:39 PM
    I learned I have a long way to go to reduce my footprint, but I am making progress every day.

  • Beth Casagrande's avatar
    Beth Casagrande 7/31/2023 6:51 PM
    Last day! What a great July. Hoping to keep up a lot of these for the whole year.

  • Peggy Sullivan's avatar
    Peggy Sullivan 7/31/2023 4:06 PM
    Last day of No Plastic July, but I just ordered more dryer balls and no plastic toilet bowl cleaner from Free the Ocean since 100% of today’s sales will go in support penguins in their native range!! Check them out!

  • Sinclair Boggs's avatar
    Sinclair Boggs 7/31/2023 1:02 PM
    It's the last day of July, but I'm excited to keep up my actions beyond this month.
    Kitchen Fill a Water Bottle
    Using the links provided, investigate the bottling practices of water corporations. There have been many cases where the water rights of the local people have been violated or even completely disregarded when a corporation decides to bottle water from a particular water source. How can you advocate for those who have been harmed by this bottling process?

    Ian Shelley's avatar
    Ian Shelley 7/31/2023 12:57 PM
    Researching the sources of companies' bottled water to make sure it comes from a source that is not exploiting local communities - it wasn't something I'd given much thought to before hearing stories in the news
    Bedroom Ditch Dryer Sheets
    Often, single-use and disposable products don't just create more trash - they also contain toxins that are bad for humans. What are some other single-use items that are harmful to humans?

    maryellen reek's avatar
    maryellen reek 7/31/2023 12:23 PM
    k cups and styrofoam and other plastics