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  • Reflection Question
    Family Discover Together
    What concerns you the most about how we are affecting the planet? Consider both local and global actions.

    Maureen Bronson's avatar
    Maureen Bronson 7/31/2021 8:47 PM
    We are using up more and more green space on this planet with garbage. Every family that doesn't pay attention to their waste teachers their children to do the same. We are a right now, convenience society. We have lost site of the camping mantra of leaving things better than we found them. Parents have to lead the way to teaching the next generation a better way to buy and a better way to consume.

  • Kathleen  Monroe's avatar
    Kathleen Monroe 7/31/2021 5:48 PM
    Thanks to everyone on the Maryland zoo team.    Doing this together helps to create good vibes and habits and hopefully change our world for better
  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care Lather Up
    What are the economic and personal benefits of switching to bar soap/shampoo/conditioner or refillable bottle options?

    Kathleen  Monroe's avatar
    Kathleen Monroe 7/31/2021 5:47 PM
    Diminish the additional plastics of the container ers
  • Reflection Question
    Lifestyle Natural Fibers
    What are the benefits (to people, animals, and the environment) of purchasing clothes made with natural fibers?

    Kathleen  Monroe's avatar
    Kathleen Monroe 7/31/2021 5:45 PM
    Natural fibers don’t shed micro pieces of plastic into the environment and when it is time to dispose of them they will decompose naturally and safely 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Start Composting
    Do an inventory of how much food waste you would save from going to the landfill if you start composting all of the time. What are the added benefits of having compost that is readily accessible?

    Kathleen  Monroe's avatar
    Kathleen Monroe 7/31/2021 5:38 PM
    I would save about2 lbs of food waste a week by composting and would have material to fertilize my gardens.    Just need to purchase a composting bin due to the various forms of wildlife in my area.  
  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care That Was a Close Shave
    What have you noticed about the economic and social impact of switching to steel razors? Was there ever really a need for disposable razors, or do you think it was just a way to sell more things?

    Mary Dobrzynski's avatar
    Mary Dobrzynski 7/31/2021 3:56 PM
    There was really no need to buy a bulk bag of "mostly plastic" disposable razors. Steel razors worked just fine for my Dad. I should have "ditched the convenience" factor years ago and invested in a sustainable steel razor.
  • Reflection Question
    Lifestyle Homemade Cleaners
    What did you learn by making your own cleaning products? What is the biggest difference in making vs buying?

    Mary Dobrzynski's avatar
    Mary Dobrzynski 7/31/2021 3:52 PM
    Making your own cleaning products is fairly straightforward and requires just a few ingredients. The difference in making your own products is they contain few "extras" which manufacturers add to extend shelf life. My, oh! my  .... there are so many essential oil fragrances to choose from🤗

  • Mary Dobrzynski's avatar
    Mary Dobrzynski 7/31/2021 3:38 PM
    Awesome. I've learned so much this year but the best takeaway is my new plastics free habit of using rubber gloves to remove my two kittens fur from Everywhere. 

  • Stephanie Foy's avatar
    Stephanie Foy 7/31/2021 3:04 PM
    Glad I could help with this challenge and support the the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  

  • Chase Douglas's avatar
    Chase Douglas 7/31/2021 1:28 PM
    This was a great month of conserving.