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  • Reflection Question
    Food Minimize Packaging
    With the added mindfulness of reducing your packaging, what have you noticed about the amount and type of single use plastics used for packaging when you shop in the grocery store?

    Louise Ng's avatar
    Louise Ng 7/01/2020 5:25 AM
    The fancy packaging is in fact very attractive, however, I think we need to educate people the balance of the fancy appearance versus environmental friendliness. It will take time but not impossible
  • Reflection Question
    Food Use Reusable Water Bottles
    Using the links provided, investigate the bottling practices of water corporations. There have been many cases where the water rights of the local people have been violated or even completely disregarded when a corporation decides to bottle water from a particular water source. How can you advocate for those who have been harmed by this bottling process?

    Louise Ng's avatar
    Louise Ng 7/01/2020 4:43 AM
    Bring own water bottle every day when go out.  Strongly avoid plastic cups/bottles.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Use Reusable Containers
    How can you think outside the box (or bag!) when it comes to disposables?

    Louise Ng's avatar
    Louise Ng 7/01/2020 4:40 AM
    Use reusable own set of cutlery every time when having take away lunch box. Reuse bag/meal containers when we can.