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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points Avg Points/
Rank: 16 Team: WashU Plastic Free organization: Washington University in Saint Louis members: 36 Total Points: 1384 Avg Points/Member: 38  
Rank: 21 Team: MTM Green Team organization: MTM Inc members: 22 Total Points: 1091 Avg Points/Member: 50  
Rank: 54 Team: Kansas City Zoo organization: Kansas City Zoo members: 15 Total Points: 338 Avg Points/Member: 23  
Rank: 82 Team: Saint Louis Zoo organization: Saint Louis Zoo members: 9 Total Points: 221 Avg Points/Member: 25  
Rank: 91 Team: Missouri Botanical Garden Staff and Volunteers organization: Missouri Botanical Garden members: 9 Total Points: 166 Avg Points/Member: 18  
Rank: 98 Team: Spanish Lake: Where the Rivers Meet organization: members: 3 Total Points: 139 Avg Points/Member: 46  
Rank: 110 Team: Unity EarthCare organization: Unity Worldwide Ministry members: 6 Total Points: 112 Avg Points/Member: 19  
Rank: 135 Team: Cooper Climate Collab Lab organization: Nicole Cooper Artist members: 1 Total Points: 66 Avg Points/Member: 66