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Plastic Free Ecochallenge is a month-long effort for all of us to reduce our single-use plastic consumption in creative and innovative ways while still prioritizing public health and safety during this pandemic.
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Inspired by the Australian-founded initiative, our Plastic Free Ecochallenge is a 31-day, global challenge to reduce and refuse single-use plastics. During this time of COVID-19, we invite you to take action and create plastic-free habits with us while we prioritize public health and safety as much as possible!

Throughout the Ecochallenge, share your progress, success, and reflections with fellow Ecochallengers, all while earning points for completed actions. The combination of collective inspiration, camaraderie, and friendly competition makes change a little easier - and a lot more fun. After all, progress is social!

Congrats to all teams on their effort and impact! For more inspiration and impact, see the Event Summary.

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  • April 22 at 8:57 AM
    For earth day I decided to combine my 2 favorite interests, theatre, and sustainability. I have always wanted to find ways to make theatre more eco-friendly and this is what I found so far:1.  Costumes, marketing materials, lighting, sound, set and travel requirements for the audience and for the crew and cast demands a lot of raw materials and...
  • April 7 at 7:47 AM
    Sounds rudimentary,  but the environmental health effects my community, which in turn effects my family's health 
  • March 25 at 9:16 AM
    a time to get away from everything. Relax and find some peace from a busy day.