July 1 - July 31, 2019



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Points  
rank: 1 name: Maryland Zoo teams: Maryland Zoo teammates: 703 points: 70379  
rank: 2 name: Audubon Nature Institute teams: Team Nature Tea Room Family Team NOLA Nature Plastic Free New Orleans teammates: 506 points: 55981  
rank: 3 name: National Aquarium teams: National Aquarium teammates: 331 points: 50056  
rank: 4 name: Zoo New England teams: Kane Team Zoo New England teammates: 268 points: 48020  
rank: 5 name: Aquarium of the Pacific teams: Aquarium of the Pacific teammates: 370 points: 46696  
rank: 6 name: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium teams: Columbus Zoo Community Columbus Zoo Staff & Volunteers teammates: 569 points: 44404  
rank: 7 name: Reid Park Zoo teams: Reid Park Zoo Blackbaud Community teammates: 380 points: 38300  
rank: 8 name: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden teams: Oklahoma City Zoo teammates: 270 points: 31011  
rank: 9 name: Deloitte teams: HITT Team Deloitte Green Dot teammates: 685 points: 26745  
rank: 10 name: Calgary Zoo teams: Calgary Zoo Stampede Stomp Out Plastic Calgary Zoo Concessions Team teammates: 167 points: 25722  
rank: 11 name: New England Aquarium teams: Plastastics Protectors of the Blue - NEAq Community Protectors of the Blue - NEAq Staff & Volunteers teammates: 285 points: 25370  
rank: 12 name: Seattle Aquarium teams: Seattle Aquarium - Staff & Volunteers Seattle Aquarium Members and Friends teammates: 170 points: 24735  
rank: 13 name: Dallas Zoo teams: Dallas Zoo and Children's Aquarium at Fair Park teammates: 265 points: 23766  
rank: 14 name: ZooTampa at Lowry Park teams: ZooTampa Friends ZooTampa Staff & Volunteers teammates: 205 points: 23665  
rank: 15 name: The Florida Aquarium teams: The Florida Aquarium teammates: 141 points: 23541  
rank: 16 name: Virginia Zoo teams: Virginia Zoo (non)Plastics Virginia Zoo Fans teammates: 134 points: 23171  
rank: 17 name: ABQ BioPark teams: ABQ BioPark teammates: 187 points: 22749  
rank: 18 name: LinkedIn teams: Campus GWS Ops LinkedIn Greenguists GoGreen Graz LinkedIn Omaha LinkedIn Billing Support GoGreen Bengaluru WOLFPACK - LTS CSMs Nordic PlasticFree Team Captain Planet LinkedIn Superfriends Butter.saves.the.planet Plastic Free Kittie Krew LinkedIn TOR Sales DEVengers teammates: 428 points: 20796  
rank: 19 name: Toronto Zoo teams: Toronto Zoo - Working Plastic Free teammates: 178 points: 20655  
rank: 20 name: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center teams: Polymeric Purge Party Virginia Aquarium Fans! teammates: 137 points: 18442  
rank: 21 name: Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo teams: Building G Seas the Day! SFTZ Graduates SFTZ GREEN TEAM The Swamp Scrappers SF Teaching Zoo Members SF Teaching Zoo Zero Wasters teammates: 116 points: 16829  
rank: 22 name: Sedgwick County Zoo teams: SCZ - Penguin SCZ - Black Rhino SCZ - Gorilla SCZ - Aldabra Tortoise teammates: 166 points: 16672  
rank: 23 name: Alaska SeaLife Center teams: Alaska SeaLife Center teammates: 174 points: 15882  
rank: 24 name: San Antonio Zoo teams: San Antonio Zoo Crew teammates: 125 points: 14482  
rank: 25 name: Akron Zoological Park teams: Akron Zoo - Staff Akron Zoo - Our Community teammates: 101 points: 14029  
rank: 26 name: Kansas City Zoo teams: Kansas City Zoo teammates: 118 points: 13151  
rank: 27 name: Monterey Bay Aquarium teams: Baby Hippo Monterey Bay Aquarium teammates: 142 points: 12693  
rank: 28 name: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium teams: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Save the Sea Turtles team teammates: 132 points: 12095  
rank: 29 name: PAE Consulting Engineers teams: PAE Engineers teammates: 90 points: 11652  
rank: 30 name: City of Gainesville teams: City of Gainesville teammates: 87 points: 11292