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Plastic Free Ecochallenge is a one-month challenge that makes refusing and reducing single-use plastics in our everyday lives fun, easy, and rewarding. Inspired by the Australian-founded initiative, Plastic Free July, Plastic Free Ecochallenge invites you to curate your own personal challenge for the month of July to limit your plastic consumption for the health of our planet and our communities.

Whether you’re completely new to plastic-less living or a seasoned pro, you’ll find new and exciting ways to propel your sustainability journey forward.

With an extensive library of actions to choose from and several supporting resources for each action to help you achieve your goals, alongside the collective participant feed, you’ll never be alone in your challenge, and you’ll never be left asking, “now what?”

Plastic Free Ecochallenge is completely free and open to the public thanks to our network of zoo and aquarium sponsors. You are welcome here, and we want to see you succeed.

To get the most out of your Ecochallenge, we encourage you to mark any actions you already take as, “I already do this,” and challenge yourself to take on new, perhaps more difficult actions outside of your comfort zone. We grow when we step out of our comfort zones; use this platform and network of participants across the globe as support in helping you reach your next level of plastic-less living.

Let’s try new things, together, and watch our collective impact grow.

Explore the Actions

Please note that the resources linked to for each action are recommendations and not endorsements from any of the institutions participating in this event.

Become a Sponsor 🐠✨

Plastic Free Ecochallenge is made possible by a network of North American zoos and aquariums. If you are a zoo or aquarium, you can engage your community in measurable positive actions and grow our collective impact by becoming a sponsor. Download the sponsorship packet for details.

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🐢 inspired by plastic free july

The Plastic Free July movement originated with a nonprofit group in Australia and has now been adapted for the zoo and aquarium community. Your organization, or one near you, takes incredible steps to address plastic consumption and has signed on to make positive changes by joining our Plastic Free Ecochallenge! As conservation and sustainability focused organizations, zoos and aquariums know how imperative healthy ecosystems and habitats are for future generations. Single-use plastics are a major threat to all species, including ourselves—let’s continue to tackle the problem together to see our collective impact.

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