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Team Competitions

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? The teams below have challenged each other.
Regardless of the winning team, it’s a win for the planet.

Want to throw in your hat? Create a team today.

Challenger Members Points Challenged Members Points  
Challenger: Seattle Children's Therapeutics Challenger Team Members: 12 Challenger Points: 432 Winning?: VS. Challenged: Seattle Children's - Green Team Challenged Team Members: 4 Challenged Points: 187 Winning?:  
Challenger: Newport Aquarium Challenger Team Members: 11 Challenger Points: 297 Winning?: VS. Challenged: Adventure Aquarium Challenged Team Members: 14 Challenged Points: 409 Winning?:  
Challenger: Adventure Aquarium Challenger Team Members: 14 Challenger Points: 409 Winning?: VS. Challenged: Adventure Aquarium Fans Challenged Team Members: 0 Challenged Points: 0 Winning?: