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Jess Armstrong

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

"Not perfect, but trying!"

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Jess's Actions


Join a Cleanup Effort

I will host or participate in a beach, highway, river, or other cleanup effort in my community that follows the CDC’s current guidelines for prevention of disease transfer.

One-Time Action

Personal Care

Just Say No

I will avoid buying toxic plastics, including polycarbonate, polystyrene and polyvinyl.



Estimate My Plastic Consumption and Go #PlasticNeutral

I will visit rePurpose website, complete the 3-minute plastic consumption calculator, and explore how I can reBalance my annual plastic footprint.

One-Time Action


Buy Only What I Need

I will not buy anything except items required for health and safety.



Make My Own

I will try new recipe(s) or food preparation method(s) each day, such as canning, pickling, making yogurt, or baking granola bars or bread.



Cook a Zero-Plastic Waste Meal

I will prepare 1 meal(s) at home each day without using any items packaged in single-use plastic.



Swap the Snacks

I will swap out 2 prepackaged snacks a day for fresh fruits or veggies.



Share My Actions

I will post to my social media networks about how reducing our plastic use is important for both environmental justice and conservation.

One-Time Action


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    Jess Armstrong 7/26/2020 3:00 PM
    I started making my own almond (and other nuts) milk this year and I'm surprised on how easy it is! I also use different sweeteners (maple syrup, honey, vanilla) depending on what I intend to use it for. The customization is wonderful and I can buy nuts in the bulk section whenever they are on sale! 
  • Reflection Question
    Community Join a Cleanup Effort
    How does working with others to clean up your community make you feel?

    Jess Armstrong's avatar
    Jess Armstrong 7/26/2020 12:51 PM
    I've made it a goal to spend at least 30 minutes a week walking around my apartment complex with a little grabber to pick up trash and cigarette butts. Sometimes my boyfriend comes over and helps. And sometimes neighborhood kids will even join in if they see me. It makes me have more pride in where I live and I like that some kids have joined in!

    • Alison  Edwards's avatar
      Alison Edwards 7/27/2020 11:38 AM
      I love that kids from your neighborhood are seeing / watching you lead by example! 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Make My Own
    How do you feel about being more involved in the food preparation process? Joyful, overwhelmed, engaged, empowered? What are the benefits of choosing to process or produce your own food instead of buying it pre-processed?

    Jess Armstrong's avatar
    Jess Armstrong 7/19/2020 12:29 PM
    I love trying new recipes and exploring how to prepare different types of produce. Every other week I get a vegetable delivery and I try to pick at least one item that I'm not as familiar with in order to learn new preparation. 
  • Reflection Question
    Food Cook a Zero-Plastic Waste Meal
    Do an inventory of your kitchen to see how many single-use plastics you've used in the past. What are some resuable alternatives to these commonly used products? What would your impact be if you switched all the single-use products from your inventory to reusable?

    Jess Armstrong's avatar
    Jess Armstrong 7/19/2020 12:28 PM
    I've started making my own salad dressing and dipping sauces using bulk ingredients, ingredients that come in glass containers, or fresh herbs/produce and then storing them in glass jars. I've also started storing my veggies (especially leafy greens) in The Swag brand produce bags. The veggies go right from my reusable produce bags to the fridge Swag bags.
  • Reflection Question
    Family Swap the Snacks
    How does swapping out prepackaged snacks for fresh fruit or veggies benefit your family?

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    Jess Armstrong 7/19/2020 12:24 PM
    Not only is it generally a healthier choice, but it allows me to be more creative in my snacking options!
  • Reflection Question
    Community Estimate My Plastic Consumption and Go #PlasticNeutral
    What did you find out about your plastic consumption by using the calculator? What did or didn't surprise you?

    Jess Armstrong's avatar
    Jess Armstrong 7/01/2020 7:40 PM
    Although my usage was significantly less than the average American, it was surprising to see how much higher it was when compared to other countries.