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  • Amy Abdai's avatar
    Amy Abdai 7/31/2021 4:14 PM
    Another Plastic Free July in the books. See you next year!

  • Susan Rubin's avatar
    Susan Rubin 7/31/2021 11:43 AM
    I enjoyed hiking an swimming in Sabino Canyon.  Getting out and being in nature really is the best way to inspire us all past the plastic challenge to keep up the good work.  Saving our beaches, creeks, deserts and forest.  Keeping all our public lands pristine.  These places we hold dear to our hearts.  These were the places that gave us a welcomed escape from the lockdown of our country, during the pandemic.  As I conclude a second year of doing the July plastic challenge, I come away with more insight, purpose and inspiration for myself and to share with others.

  • Amy Abdai's avatar
    Amy Abdai 7/30/2021 11:53 AM
    Had the option of declining the receipt at two of the three shops I stopped at today. I wish more stores would give this option since the paper receipts are printed on is hard to recycle.

  • Sharon Meister's avatar
    Sharon Meister 7/30/2021 9:19 AM
    Today I am giving out bamboo toothbrushes to my friends as my challenge

  • Susan Rubin's avatar
    Susan Rubin 7/30/2021 4:46 AM
    Plastic bottles are a problem.  If we find more environmental packaging combined with taking back all the plastic bottles from the Ocean, our planet would be a healthier one.  Plastic is ingested by fish; witch is ingested by people.  Now a lot of the plastic is being retrieved from the Ocean to create bracelets, park benches, birdfeeders and other useful items.  So, if we can stop the plastic from being used and reclaimed what is already polluting our planet; this will be a start for a better Earth.

  • Susan Rubin's avatar
    Susan Rubin 7/30/2021 4:41 AM
    Every year I take the plastic challenge and lean so much.  I share and tried to inspire others to live more environmental lives.  It can be done.  We all make a difference.

  • Amy Abdai's avatar
    Amy Abdai 7/29/2021 5:14 PM
    It takes extra effort to look for minimal plastic packaging at the grocery store when one is tired and not feeling well. Will try to do better next time.

    • Jennifer Stoddard's avatar
      Jennifer Stoddard 7/31/2021 12:48 PM
      Sorry to hear you are not feeling well - hope you feel better soon! Please take comfort in knowing that out of the 6,518 people taking the challenge - you are at the top (7th) of those who made the most changes and had the most impact this year! As you are getting back to full strength, please take time to celebrate yourself and the choices you have made for the planet this month! 
  • Reflection Question
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    Stephanie Henderson's avatar
    Stephanie Henderson 7/29/2021 10:35 AM
    Of course there is the obvious no one likes to walk the streets or trail with evidence of rotting dog leavings. But at home one can eliminate single use plastics by investing in a special small can just for your dog's scat and pick it up with a scooper or a plain old shovel and dump once a week.

  • Amy Abdai's avatar
    Amy Abdai 7/28/2021 1:39 PM
    I have to echo someone else’s comment- yes Ziploc bags are supposed to be single use, but I was them out and reuse them as many times as I can.
  • Reflection Question
    Family Discover Together
    What concerns you the most about how we are affecting the planet? Consider both local and global actions.

    Amy Abdai's avatar
    Amy Abdai 7/28/2021 10:59 AM
    We are trashing this planet in our effort to have a convenient lifestyle.