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Collectibe Impact Message

RANK: 31 NAME: Kansas City Zoo TEAMS: Kansas City Zoo TEAMMATES: 75 TOTAL POINTS: 10590  
RANK: 32 NAME: Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House and Aquarium TEAMS: South Dakota Conservation Coalition TEAMMATES: 45 TOTAL POINTS: 10055  
RANK: 33 NAME: Reduce Your Use Tampa Bay Campaign TEAMS: Reduce Your Use Tampa Bay TEAMMATES: 54 TOTAL POINTS: 9949  
RANK: 34 NAME: Assiniboine Park Conservancy TEAMS: Assiniboine Park TEAMMATES: 31 TOTAL POINTS: 9486  
RANK: 35 NAME: Virginia Zoo TEAMS: Virginia Zoo TEAMMATES: 33 TOTAL POINTS: 8284  
RANK: 36 NAME: HAP Alaska Yukon TEAMS: Denali & Beyond (HAP Alaska Yukon) TEAMMATES: 38 TOTAL POINTS: 8005  
RANK: 37 NAME: Dallas Zoo TEAMS: Dallas Zoo TEAMMATES: 33 TOTAL POINTS: 7982  
RANK: 38 NAME: Edison Energy TEAMS: Edison Energy - Sustainability Team TEAMMATES: 22 TOTAL POINTS: 7904  
RANK: 39 NAME: Museum of Life and Science TEAMS: Museum of Life and Science TEAMMATES: 17 TOTAL POINTS: 7029  
RANK: 40 NAME: The Apothecary in Inglewood TEAMS: The Apothecary's Eco Heroes TEAMMATES: 27 TOTAL POINTS: 6869  
RANK: 41 NAME: Toronto Zoo TEAMS: Toronto Zoo TEAMMATES: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 6764  
RANK: 42 NAME: Podcast TEAMS: All Creatures Podcast TEAMMATES: 21 TOTAL POINTS: 6110  
RANK: 43 NAME: Slalom TEAMS: Slalom Seattle TEAMMATES: 10 TOTAL POINTS: 5399  
RANK: 44 NAME: Mystic Aquarium TEAMS: Mystic Aquarium TEAMMATES: 38 TOTAL POINTS: 5136  
RANK: 45 NAME: Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium TEAMS: Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium TEAMMATES: 21 TOTAL POINTS: 4861  
RANK: 46 NAME: Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium TEAMS: Mammals and Reptiles of Mote TEAMMATES: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 4850  
RANK: 47 NAME: Unity Worldwide Ministries TEAMS: Unity EarthCare TEAMMATES: 8 TOTAL POINTS: 4558  
RANK: 48 NAME: Louisiana Children's Museum TEAMS: Louisiana Children's Museum TEAMMATES: 22 TOTAL POINTS: 4522  
RANK: 49 NAME: Saint Louis Zoo TEAMS: Saint Louis Zoo TEAMMATES: 24 TOTAL POINTS: 4290  
RANK: 50 NAME: Florida Power and Light Company TEAMS: External Affairs Community Relations Economic Development TEAMMATES: 15 TOTAL POINTS: 4128  
RANK: 51 NAME: Washington University TEAMS: Wash U DCM TEAMMATES: 16 TOTAL POINTS: 4024  
RANK: 52 NAME: Monterey Bay Aquarium TEAMS: Monterey Bay Aquarium TEAMMATES: 20 TOTAL POINTS: 3855  
RANK: 53 NAME: Manatee Lagoon an Eco-Discovery Center TEAMS: Manatee Lagoon TEAMMATES: 17 TOTAL POINTS: 3792  
RANK: 54 NAME: UPS Healthcare TEAMS: The Krewe Team Ayriss Team Tuttle Team Geisler Team Wortmann Team Rodriguez UPS Healthcare TEAMMATES: 15 TOTAL POINTS: 3326  
RANK: 55 NAME: Bristol Myers Squibb TEAMS: GEFinitely Sustainable TEAMMATES: 12 TOTAL POINTS: 3193  
RANK: 56 NAME: Hitachi Vantara TEAMS: Hitachi Vantara TEAMMATES: 14 TOTAL POINTS: 3142  
RANK: 57 NAME: John Bunker Sands Wetland Center TEAMS: JBS Wetland Center TEAMMATES: 25 TOTAL POINTS: 3056  
RANK: 58 NAME: San Antonio Zoo TEAMS: San Antonio Zoo Crew TEAMMATES: 9 TOTAL POINTS: 2976  
RANK: 59 NAME: Henkel TEAMS: Henkel Sustainability TEAMMATES: 11 TOTAL POINTS: 2925  
RANK: 60 NAME: Cosley Zoo TEAMS: Cosley Zoo Crew TEAMMATES: 20 TOTAL POINTS: 2807