July 1 - July 31, 2020



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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: 2 Team: Zoo New England organization: Zoo New England members: 147 Total Points: 26429  
Rank: 5 Team: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium organization: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium members: 106 Total Points: 14474  
Rank: 7 Team: Community Team organization: Coalition of North American Zoos and Aquariums members: 223 Total Points: 12188  
Rank: 8 Team: SF Teaching Zoo Zero Wasters organization: Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo members: 100 Total Points: 11285  
Rank: 11 Team: Go Green LinkedIners organization: LinkedIn members: 149 Total Points: 9372  
Rank: 12 Team: Plastic Free NOLA organization: Audubon Nature Institute members: 103 Total Points: 9092  
Rank: 14 Team: The Order of the Sea Turtles organization: Virginia Aquarium members: 62 Total Points: 7788  
Rank: 16 Team: Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History organization: Great Plains Zoo members: 53 Total Points: 6397  
Rank: 21 Team: Technology Services organization: City and County of Denver members: 37 Total Points: 4192  
Rank: 26 Team: Brevard Zoo organization: Brevard Zoo members: 26 Total Points: 3796  
Rank: 29 Team: Kansas City Zoo organization: Kansas City Zoo members: 36 Total Points: 3370  
Rank: 30 Team: Philadelphia Office organization: Deloitte members: 57 Total Points: 3291  
Rank: 31 Team: UNMC/Nebraska Medicine LiveGreen organization: Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center members: 42 Total Points: 3163  
Rank: 37 Team: Caretakers organization: DNV GL members: 22 Total Points: 2853  
Rank: 40 Team: A Drop in the Ocean's EcoWarriors organization: A Drop in the Ocean members: 32 Total Points: 2785  
Rank: 45 Team: East Sustainability Club organization: Coppell Middle School East members: 18 Total Points: 2535  
Rank: 52 Team: Hartford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) organization: The Hartford members: 16 Total Points: 2288  
Rank: 54 Team: San Antonio Zoo Crew organization: San Antonio Zoo members: 20 Total Points: 2256  
Rank: 55 Team: Chicago Office organization: Deloitte members: 27 Total Points: 2255  
Rank: 57 Team: New York Office organization: Deloitte members: 20 Total Points: 2220  
Rank: 60 Team: Pittsburgh Office organization: Deloitte members: 19 Total Points: 2046  
Rank: 65 Team: Deloitte Green Dot organization: Deloitte members: 28 Total Points: 1745  
Rank: 69 Team: Lakeridge Green Team organization: members: 6 Total Points: 1623  
Rank: 70 Team: City of Portland, Development Services organization: City of Portland members: 13 Total Points: 1615  
Rank: 72 Team: Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston organization: Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston members: 20 Total Points: 1561  
Rank: 75 Team: Greater Washington Area Offices organization: Deloitte members: 21 Total Points: 1533  
Rank: 78 Team: Turtles! organization: members: 16 Total Points: 1458  
Rank: 79 Team: Manatee Lovers organization: members: 11 Total Points: 1453  
Rank: 83 Team: Hamilton County Plastic Free Challenge! organization: Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District members: 21 Total Points: 1353  
Rank: 86 Team: The Hartford organization: The Hartford members: 4 Total Points: 1307