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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 1 Name: Maryland Zoo Teams: Maryland Zoo teammates: 329 Total Points: 79774  
Rank: 2 Name: YES! Magazine Teams: YES! teammates: 909 Total Points: 72390  
Rank: 3 Name: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden Teams: Oklahoma City Zoo teammates: 176 Total Points: 56776  
Rank: 4 Name: Deloitte Teams: SoCal Green Team Deloitte - Hermitage Deloitte GWA Offices Deloitte PNW Offices Deloitte Austin Office Deloitte Boston Office Deloitte NY Green Team Deloitte SoCal Offices Deloitte Atlanta Office Deloitte Chicago Office Deloitte Detroit Office Deloitte Green Dot Team Deloitte Houston Office Deloitte Memphis Office Deloitte Bay Area Office Deloitte New York Office Deloitte Stamford Office Deloitte Charlotte Office Deloitte Pittsburgh Office Deloitte Sacramento Office Deloitte Minneapolis Office Deloitte North Texas Offices Deloitte Philadelphia Office Deloitte Omaha / Des Moines Offices teammates: 341 Total Points: 50974  
Rank: 5 Name: Zoo New England Teams: Zoo New England teammates: 153 Total Points: 47442  
Rank: 6 Name: National Aquarium Teams: National Aquarium teammates: 136 Total Points: 31357  
Rank: 7 Name: Sea Turtle Inc. Teams: Sea Turtle Inc. teammates: 122 Total Points: 29209  
Rank: 8 Name: Adventure Aquarium Teams: Adventure Aquarium teammates: 95 Total Points: 28814  
Rank: 9 Name: Columbus Zoo Teams: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium teammates: 114 Total Points: 26574  
Rank: 10 Name: Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo Teams: SF Teaching Zoo Zero Wasters teammates: 102 Total Points: 25342  
Rank: 11 Name: ECOS Teams: ECOS teammates: 53 Total Points: 23320  
Rank: 12 Name: ABQ BioPark Teams: ABQ BioPark teammates: 55 Total Points: 23174  
Rank: 13 Name: + Coalition of North American Zoos and Aquariums Teams: Community Team teammates: 278 Total Points: 22996  
Rank: 14 Name: Washington University in St Louis Teams: WashU Plastic Free teammates: 90 Total Points: 22291  
Rank: 15 Name: Starbucks Coffee Company Teams: Starbucks Partners For Sustainability Canada teammates: 120 Total Points: 19370  
Rank: 16 Name: ZooTampa at Lowry Park Teams: ZooTampa Team teammates: 91 Total Points: 18797  
Rank: 17 Name: Alaska SeaLife Center Teams: Alaska SeaLife Center teammates: 83 Total Points: 15770  
Rank: 18 Name: Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House & Aquarium Teams: Sioux Falls Conservation Alliance teammates: 58 Total Points: 15454  
Rank: 19 Name: Dallas Zoo Teams: Dallas Zoo and Children's Aquarium at Fair Park teammates: 53 Total Points: 14401  
Rank: 20 Name: Seattle Aquarium Teams: Seattle Aquarium Teens Cuttlefish that cultivate sustainable creativity teammates: 59 Total Points: 13964  
Rank: 21 Name: Duke Energy Teams: litebulb Sustainability Corps in Action! teammates: 68 Total Points: 13796  
Rank: 22 Name: American College of Healthcare Sciences Teams: American College of Healthcare Sciences teammates: 77 Total Points: 13587  
Rank: 23 Name: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Teams: ECO-NCMNS teammates: 35 Total Points: 12922  
Rank: 24 Name: Newport Aquarium Teams: Newport Aquarium teammates: 59 Total Points: 12860  
Rank: 25 Name: HP Inc. Teams: SH201 hp csh CSR Romania Marketing Finance HP INIDA Healthy environment teammates: 56 Total Points: 12158  
Rank: 26 Name: Virginia Aquarium Teams: Life's Fantastic, With No Plastic! teammates: 45 Total Points: 11990  
Rank: 27 Name: Virginia Zoo Teams: Virginia Zoo Fans Virginia Zoo Staff & Volunteers teammates: 63 Total Points: 11786  
Rank: 28 Name: Reid Park Zoo Teams: Reid Park Zoo teammates: 49 Total Points: 11289  
Rank: 29 Name: Greensboro Science Center Teams: Greensboro Science Center teammates: 25 Total Points: 11187  
Rank: 30 Name: Toronto Zoo Teams: Toronto Zoo teammates: 68 Total Points: 10394